A Couple of New Pieces

It may seem as if the only thing I am working on lately is Prints. I have been making some new small items for the upcoming sale in clay: tiles, cups etc. but haven’t bothered to take pictures of them yet. But working and making ceramics and prints are happening at the same time. While I am busy completing work for the sale, I am also beginning to do mundane tasks like sweeping, and will soon bring in bases to set things up. I do not think that the studio will be as elaborately set up as we do for the Asparagus Valley show. Every year is different.

The following are two versions of a linocut, the first uses two blocks and the second just one. The third image is a collage. The pink paper is a sheet that was made for a print that was never completed. The surface has subtle markings, texture and color changes. The subject matter in these is imaginary vases and vessels. Each sheet has 24 images. The print is 21” x 28”. The collage is 30” x 22”.