New Piece

I have continued to explore making ceramic interpretations of the “Imaginary Vase”. Posted here are two front and back images of a piece that is almost completed in the rough stages of construction. it is still drying slowly and not yet bisqued.

Imaginary Vase 2 is 25” tall. I made very specific drawings for this (silhouettes of the front and back) but had to think very carefully when it came time to join the elements from one side to the other. Decisions made somewhere in the first few inches of the piece affect the rest of the piece - a careless moment in the beginning creates unsolvable problems at the conclusion. While having some experience from the first vase, this piece presented its own problems but it also is larger and used a lot more clay. The piece weighs at least 50 pounds.

Vase #2 is sitting next to me while it is drying, while I construct Vase #3. #3 has similar proportions to the piece pictured here and uses a new clay stoneware body. I rediscovered that whenever any major or minor change happens in working in clay, there is a learning curve that has to be observed. I can discuss that later when I post a picture of the new piece.

Vase #2 has an interesting mix of geometric and organic, abstract and referential forms. It also has formal and fanciful elements. I am not ready to talk about the direction of these works but they do seem to synthesize very complex and serious sculptural forms with seemingly fanciful or simple subject matter. So far, I plan to make this piece more graphic, focusing on a black and white rather than blue and white color scheme.