Two New Vases

I made a visit to John Polak yesterday and had two new imaginary Vases photographed. There are some changes, some evolution in these pieces. One of those pictured here is a lot more symmetrical, front and back views looking almost the same and the other has a great amount of difference between its sides.

This may be the tallest Vase I’ve made. Maybe 30”. It is very geometric and fluid at the same time

This new vase is a little smaller than the other on this page. I used oil paint and waxed the surface. I like the results and may do it again on other pieces when it is appropriate. However it is interesting to see a highly shiny piece next to a matte surfaced one. Side by side, they enhance each other.

Both images were photographed by John Polak. Always a pleasure to see him do his magic on these difficult pieces.