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Beginnings are tough but, even though it is Mother’s Day, we spent the day in the studio. This was not such a difficult decision because it is cold outside has been raining all day long, making any thought of gardening or yard chores impossible.

Pictured below are images of both Fran’s and my work - a loving cup vase from Fran and a collection of small cups from me. Fran’s piece is a new shape. It came about while making a bunch of cups - there were not too many left after our sale. My piece is coming from a commission. A grandfather is getting a collection of face cups for his nieces and nephews and grandchildren. he already bought some a wants some more. I made more than he wanted so he can choose which ones he wants.

It is interesting to look at clay being worked on at such completely different steps of the finishing process. I will smooth mine down a lot more and Fran’s is already almost completely finished.