Suite of prints

As usual, I am not regular about taking photos of work and documenting pieces. I have a number of backlogged prints that will shortly be added to this blog. The first is a suite of mono / trace prints called “Doubles”.

The theme for these prints is a juxtaposition of two imagined vases/vessels. The paper is grey, @ 22” x 18”. The color scheme is limited (black, red and blue). My focus was to make unique images of vases, without repeating any, focusing on the negative space between the two vases. The technique I use is similar throughout - stencils, drawing etc. There are instances of an “orange peel” effect on some of the pieces that have more passes through the press.

The satisfying part about looking at the suite of prints is that one can see the variations of images, shapes, spaces and techniques. Every element found in each print relates to all of the other pieces in the suite. The technique of trace printing allows “ghosts” of earlier prints - most specifically in the backgrounds - to appear in later prints, creating another reason why each print in the suite holds together.