A Trip to the Fuller Museum

Fran and I made a road-trip to the Fuller Museum in Brockton yesterday to see the “Fertile Ground” show. Before seeing the show itself we looked at an incredible contemporary Basket exhibit and a really good exhibit that featured a number of Latin American Craft artists. The Fertile Ground exhibit was really great. I left feeling very proud to have be associated with such a talented group of people. There was a great variety of sizes and firing approaches, temperatures, firing techniques, types of clay and processes. Everyone’s work was of very high quality.

An added benefit of the trip was talking to a number of viewers who were admiring our work as well as talking to two docents who had seen anad remembered the “On the Line” piece we had created for the Fuller. We also talked to a former student of mine from UMass, Sage Brousseau, who has been working at the Fuller in their education department for the past six years.

Everything about this little trip was very positive.

The photos show the gallery in which our work was displayed. We were very happy to see that each of our works faced each other. I also was happy about the size of my work. I thought that in order for my idea of the imaginary vase to work, it has to be of a specific size. The size they are seemed about right.