Another "Silhouette/Shadow" drawing

It has been a while since I posted anything - the many interruptions of summer. Studio activity has been been regular but broken up. I also had a very nice ceramic piece, another in the imaginary vase series but an odd accident happened that broke part of the piece so I have spent some time revisiting and repairing/replacing the broken part.

None of that relates to this drawing. It continues the theme of exploring silhouettes, backgrounds, positive/negative relationships while still using the vessel theme. This piece is a little bigger than the first in this series - 29” x 23”. It is made using marker, ink, white marker on Bristol paper. There is a complexity beginning here that could be explored even further so that the vessel concept will be left far behind in favor of design/abstract forms. We will see what develops. I suspect that the next focus for me will be in ceramics and I will try to make another in the series of Imaginary Vases.