A New Vase

I have been working on the latest addition to the Imaginary Vase series.

Each Vase is another step forward but each vase also gives me more information than I can possibly use for another ten vases. This particular piece began with a firm plan, but when I was halfway through I couldn’t realize the drawing i had made for it and, after I cut it down to “begin again” a couple of times, I decided to go back to an older way of working - let the piece discover itself during the building process.

It was a lot of trial and error, to include the top element. This may be the fourth version of the flower element. Now that it is finished, I can state that I think it is strong and successful. It is “flat” but is a lot more three dimensional that any of its predecessors. The “side views” are complex and integrated into the whole viewing experience a lot more than any of the others in this series.

Now comes the harder part - how to finish it? it looks very hard edge and I am tempted to use cover coats or similar to re-state in color what exists in form but that probably would be garish and is a very dated and boring idea at best. Using a pencil on the surface of the piece was beneficial. Maybe this will be helpful in the glazing part of the finishing process.

I don’t know why but this very non-photo appropriate site was good enough for an accurate representation of what the piece looks like.