And another one .....

The last piece posted had many alternative ending solutions. I think I have at least three possible variations that could be successfully used in completing this piece. It will be a lot of fun to play with the possibilities when all of the separate pieces come out of the kiln. Maybe I will not choose one as the only solution but instead will allow the piece to have many different potentials.

In the intervening time another piece was completed. This one again proved to be a real head-scratcher. I think there are more disparate elements in this piece. Trying to resolve all of the parts was more difficult but, in the end, the parts became one whole, connected and satisfying piece.

This piece is as large as the previous. It also has a very different look from one side or the other. I am trying to make the edges as sculpturally interesting as the front and back sides of the piece and, while they never will be able to be taken for a major view of the piece, they do help the piece to work more “in the round”.